UAW-Ford Industrial Readiness Certificate Program (IRCP) School and Tuition Assistance Information

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Step by Step Process        Participating Schools

Tuition Assistance Information      Textbook Information


Class Descriptions

Although all 3 courses can be taken simultaneously, it is not recommended due to the time commitment necessary (class time plus homework/study time). The suggested course sequence is IRCP1 & IRCP2 followed by IRCP3.  Reminder, students who drop courses outside the tuition refund period, will have to pay for classes out of pocket if they wish to retake them.

*Hours are class time hours and do not include homework/study time.

Step by Step Process Employee Must Follow for Registration and Tuition Assistance

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  1. Decide on school and courses to attend each term
  2. Apply for tuition assistance; wait for approval (2-3 business days)
  3. Register with the school, once approved
    • If the class is full, check back after the voucher due date to see if seats open up
  4. Release electronic tuition voucher to school for payment by voucher due date (will vary by school)
  5. Obtain textbooks from LJAC Rep
  6. Attend courses
    • Follow school course drop process, if necessary
    • Notify Tuition Assistance Dept. if courses are formally dropped to adjust voucher
  7. Submit transcripts of courses to LJAC rep, once all courses are complete

Schools that Offer the Program and How the Classes are Taught

On campus or online independent study - what type of class is best for me?

On Campus, Instructor Led - traditional method of learning

Online Independent Study – self paced

Students may take courses at multiple schools and may take both online and on campus courses.

Listed below are schools that offer the courses and attached registration info and class schedules - Click on school for school specific information (Printable)

Tuition Assistance Information

Employees participating in the Industrial Readiness Certificate Program (IRCP) may utilize the Personal Development Assistance (PDA) feature of their tuition assistance to cover tuition and fees, subject to the terms below.

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Eligibility - For full-time active UAW represented hourly employees who have acquired seniority (3 consecutive months of employment).

Personal Development Assistance (PDA) – The PDA feature of tuition assistance provides for prepayment of tuition and approved fees up to $2,700/yr. for classes that improve or enhance a member’s position in the workplace.

How to Apply for Tuition Assistance:

Employees must apply for tuition assistance online at www.myuawford.com Application processing time is 2-3 business days.


Click here for instructions on electronically releasing the voucher

Once classes are approved, an Official Tuition Voucher will be issued to the employee.

Textbook Information

IRCP1 - Shop Arithmetic, IRCP2 - Blueprint Reading, and IRCP3 - Trade-Related Preparation classes

Books for IRCP1, IRCP2 and IRCP3 will be available at the Local Union Hall prior to class start date.  Days/times announced in the plants.  Member will have to bring proof of school registration to receive books. 

Online Penn Foster courses utilize different material available online as a part of the course.

IRCP Books are:

IRCP 1 – Shop Arithmetic (Basic Shop Math Workbook)

IRCP 2 – Machine Tool Blueprint Reading (Basic Blueprint Reading for Machine Trades Workbook)

IRCP 3 – Trade Related Preparation (Test Preparation Manual for the Skilled Trades; Pre-Apprentice Training Math Supplement)


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