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's 1076-2002 IEEE Standard VHDL Language Reference Manual PDF

ISBN-10: 0738132470

ISBN-13: 9780738132471

VHSIC Description Language (VHDL) is outlined. VHDL is a proper notation meant to be used in all stages of the production of digital platforms. since it is either desktop readable and human readable, it helps the advance verification, synthesis, and trying out of designs; the communique of layout facts; and the upkeep, amendment, and procurement of undefined. Its basic audiences are the implementors of instruments assisting the language and the complicated clients of the language.

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The base type of a type is the type itself. The set of operations defined for a subtype of a given type includes the operations defined for the type; however, the assignment operation to an object having a given subtype only assigns values that belong to the subtype. Additional operations, such as qualification (in a qualified expression) are implicitly defined by a subtype declaration. The term subelement is used in this standard in place of the term element to indicate either an element, or an element of another element or subelement.

36 Copyright © 2002 IEEE. All rights reserved. LANGUAGE REFERENCE MANUAL IEEE Std 1076-2002 physical_type_definition ::= range_constraint units primary_unit_declaration { secondary_unit_declaration } end units [ physical_type_simple_name ] primary_unit_declaration ::= identifier ; secondary_unit_declaration ::= identifier = physical_literal ; physical_literal ::= [ abstract_literal ] unit_name A physical type definition defines both a type and a subtype of that type. The type is an anonymous type, the range of which is selected by the implementation; this range must be such that it wholly contains the range given in the physical type definition.

If a resolved signal is of a composite type, and if subelements of that type also have associated resolution functions, such resolution functions have no effect on the process of determining the resolved value of the signal. It is an error if a resolved signal has more connected sources than the number of elements in the index type of the unconstrained array type used to define the parameter of the corresponding resolution function. 1). 1). Such drivers are said to be off. For certain invocations (specifically, those involving the resolution of sources of a signal declared with the signal kind bus), a resolution function may thus be invoked with an input parameter that is a null array; this occurs when all sources of the bus are drivers, and they are all off.

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