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Listener Commands Edit > Undo, CTRL+Z If the last change made to the Listener’s content was an edit, undoes that edit. Only one level of undo is supported. If the last change was a command evaluation, removes all the text printed in Listener by that command, making it easy to remove large print-outs. Pressing CTRL+Z a second time restores the removed text and also selects it. This feature can be used as a quick way to cut or copy a command’s output. Edit > Cut, CTRL+X Copies the selected text to the cut/paste buffer and deletes the text.

Edit > Select All, CTRL+A Selects all text in the MAXScript Editor. Search > Find, CTRL+F Displays Find dialog. Performs search in the MAXScript Editor for the Find What text. Search can be restricted to occurrences that are not part of a larger word, or are the exact combination of uppercase and lowercase letters as the Find What text. If matching text is found, the text is selected. Search > Find Next, CTRL+G Repeats the last Search > Find by finding and selecting the next occurrence of the Find What text.

For Editor window features and commands, see The MAXScript Editor Windows (p. xliv) topic. Run Script Opens a common File Open dialog for choosing an existing script. MAXScript then reads and executes the selected script. Any output is printed to the Listener window. A script file can also be run by choosing MAXScript > Run Script in the 3ds max menu bar, or File > Run Script in the Listener window menu bar. For more information, see the Running Scripts (p. xlix) topic. Utilities Displays a list of available scripted utilities.

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