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John Westwood's 30 Minutes to Write a Marketing Plan (30 Minutes Series) PDF

By John Westwood

ISBN-10: 0585443017

ISBN-13: 9780585443010

ISBN-10: 0749423633

ISBN-13: 9780749423636

A part of a sequence of pocket publications geared toward permitting the reader to profit a brand new ability in exactly half-hour, this article provides a pragmatic advisor to the ins-and-outs of studying, getting ready and writing a advertising plan.

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This gives a direct comparison between what the product can be sold for and what it costs to make. This ‘margin’ has to be sufficient to cover all the costs and overheads incurred in running the business. Other costs These would include distribution costs, administration and operating expenses such as the cost of running the sales and marketing department, together with advertising and promotional costs. It would also include head office 41 30 Minutes to Write a Marketing Plan salaries, rates, electricity, depreciation and the cost of research and development.

In preparing a profit and loss account budget, we start at the top with the forecast sales. Here we show only the additional sales. The cost of sales is the direct cost, in materials and labour, of making the budgeted amount of product sold. The gross profit includes the margin needed to cover other costs and to contribute to profits. Most of the costs incurred in carrying out a marketing plan will relate to the sales and marketing department, but you should also consider administrative recharges for the management of company cars, allocation of office space (rent/rates/heating/lighting), and computer management and maintenance, which will involve other departments.

The company has always sold a reasonable amount of product to the water industry, but it has never been a key activity area. Because of this, we knew little of the industry or of the potential in it for our product. With the enforcement of EU directives for water treatment and sewage 47 30 Minutes to Write a Marketing Plan disposal, the industry is carrying out a major capital improvement programme. 1: Contents list of a complete marketing plan 48 Writing the Plan Executive summary The summary should present the key points of the plan in a clear and concise form.

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30 Minutes to Write a Marketing Plan (30 Minutes Series) by John Westwood

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