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By Biren Bonnerjea

A Dictionary of Superstitions and Mythology

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Mecklenburg. WUTTKLE, p. ). (N. ) Butterfly: If you do not kill the first butterfly you see in the year, some bad luck will befall you (W. England. LEAN, Vol, II, p. ) Butterflies are the souls of ancestors. (Ireland. , p. ) Butterflies flying by night presage death. (G. HENDERSON, Survivals in Belief among the Celts, p. ” —KNORTZ, P. 98. Vide Doubt. Butze: A German household spirit. Bwgan: The Welsh generic name for ghosts. C Cabbage: Vide Full Moon, Moon Waxing. Cacus: Rom. Myth. A thieving, crafty giant, a son of Vulcan.

Vide Stepping over a child, First-born Children. Childbed: Women in childbed must not spin, lest they spin a halter for the child. (Franken—WUTTKE, p. ) (For various superstitions see PLOSS, Das Weib, Vol. II, pp. ) Chimera: Gr. Myth. A monster, represented as vomiting flames and having the head of a lion, the body of a goat and the tail of a dragon. He was killed by Bellerophon. Chimney: They are the favourite entrances and exits of witches and all evil spirits. (Cf. WUTTKE, p. ) Chimney Sweep: It is lucky to meet a chimney sweep the first thing in the morning.

Night and day. ). Chestnut: Chestnuts kept in one’s pocket are a good preventative against backaches. (STRACKERJAN, Vol. 1, p. ) Chichi Vache: “Sorry cow,” a monster that fed on good women only. It was all skin and bone, because its food was so extremely rare. ) cf. Unicorn. Chikuli: It is a kind of cactus which grows in Mexico, and is superstitiously believed by the American Indians, to bring luck to anyone who carries it in his belt. The wearer is not only protected from the attacks of bears, but deer and other game allow themselves to be killed by him.

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