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Download e-book for kindle: A Farewell To Entropy: Statistical Thermodynamics Based On by Arieh Ben-Naim

By Arieh Ben-Naim

ISBN-10: 9812707069

ISBN-13: 9789812707062

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The relevant message of this e-book is that thermodynamics and statistical mechanics will take advantage of exchanging the unlucky, deceptive and mysterious time period entropy with a extra established, significant and applicable time period akin to details, lacking details or uncertainty. This substitute may facilitate the translation of the motive force of many approaches by way of informational adjustments and dispel the secret that has consistently enshrouded entropy.

it's been one hundred forty years considering the fact that Clausius coined the time period entropy ; nearly 50 years due to the fact that Shannon constructed the mathematical conception of knowledge accordingly renamed entropy. during this publication, the writer advocates exchanging entropy via info, a time period that has develop into commonplace in lots of branches of technology.

the writer additionally takes a brand new and impressive method of thermodynamics and statistical mechanics. info is used not just as a device for predicting distributions yet because the basic cornerstone idea of thermodynamics, held earlier by way of the time period entropy.

the themes coated contain the basics of likelihood and data concept; the overall thought of data in addition to the actual notion of data as utilized in thermodynamics; the re-derivation of the Sackur Tetrode equation for the entropy of an incredible fuel from simply informational arguments; the elemental formalism of statistical mechanics; and plenty of examples of easy approaches the driver for that is analyzed when it comes to info.

Contents: components of chance concept; components of data conception; Transition from the overall MI to the Thermodynamic MI; The constitution of the rules of Statistical Thermodynamics; a few uncomplicated functions.

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In the middle, some of the N atoms have moved to occupy a larger volume 2V, and on the right-hand side, the atoms are spread evenly in the entire volume 2V. Take a look. Can you tell which of the three systems is the more ordered? Well, one can argue that the system on the left, where the N atoms are gathered in one half of the volume, is more ordered than N atoms spread in the entire volume. 4). In the left system, we have NA blue, and NB red particles. 3. 6 II 2 V, N 2 V, N Three stages in the process of an expanding ideal gas.

This is an almost prophetic statement made eighteen years before information theory was born. Lewis’ statement left no doubt that he considered entropy as conceptually identical with information. Note however that Lewis claims that entropy is a subjective concept. This is probably a result of his usage of the general concept of information and not the specific measure of information as defined by Shannon. 12 See Leff and Rex (1990). ch01 December 5, 2007 B534 Statistical Thermodynamics Based on Information 9in x 6in Introduction 21 The first to capitalize on Shannon’s concept of information was Brillouin.

If, on the other hand, one defines T in units of energy and S as a dimensionless quantity, this erroneous assignment to S can be avoided. 13), 5 See, for example, Denbigh (1966). 15) or equivalently T = m v2 . 16) Hence A=N =N m v2 m v2 −N S/N 2 3 m v2 2 1− 2S . 17) includes the entropy, or rather the missing information (M I). Since S is an extensive quantity, S/N is the M I per particle in this system. 2 The Association of Entropy with Disorder During over a hundred years of the history of entropy, there have been many attempts to interpret and understand entropy.

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A Farewell To Entropy: Statistical Thermodynamics Based On Information by Arieh Ben-Naim

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