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Download PDF by J Gregory Moxness: A More Natural Reference Model Integrating Relativity,

By J Gregory Moxness

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Hu, and R. Kron, Arxiv preprint astro-ph/9805117 (1998). [24] G. Matsas and D. Vanzella, Arxiv preprint gr-qc/0205078 (2002). nb 65 Appendix A: Complete PPP These tables are a work in progress. They are generated from Particle Data Group (PDG) experimental data [16]. csv ) for use in Monte Carlo based lattice QCD calculations. xls ) is available, which has been created based on this model by generating the data (with few exceptions) from the quark configuration, L and S. Eventually, it will contain all mass, decay width predictions, and error factors.

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A More Natural Reference Model Integrating Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, and M Theory by J Gregory Moxness

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