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Download e-book for kindle: A Passage to Nuristan: Exploring the Mysterious Afghan by Nicholas Barrington

By Nicholas Barrington

ISBN-10: 1423787714

ISBN-13: 9781423787716

ISBN-10: 1845111753

ISBN-13: 9781845111755

This is often the tale of 3 younger westerners--a Briton, an American and a German--who in 1960 got down to penetrate a land that few westerners had set eyes on. not able to depend on maps and with little info on what might confront them, they have been guided step by means of precarious step into the unknown global formerly immortalized by way of Kipling's the guy Who will be King . this can be the modern record--now released for the 1st time--of a rare trip.

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Besides the big house there were only a few cottages. The Khan and his retainers insisted on bringing us charpoys and magnificent quilts and blankets all the way from the house. We washed, ate the remains of the previous day’s sandwich lunch, together with mast (yoghurt), mulberries and tea provided by the Khan, and then relaxed to the sound of the rushing water. After one and a half hours we tried to get moving, but found that our companions were determined to stay put. They were waiting for a pilau lunch that was being prepared in the big house.

It began to get dark, and we wondered where our baggage had got to, when all of a sudden the translator, the police and our porters came crashing through the bushes behind us on to our campsite. Fatty was a bit annoyed because he had to send two porters back in the dark to collect food from Safrigal. We had supper – soup, sausages, bread and tea – and then unrolled our sleeping bags, blew up our mattresses and went to bed. I had chosen a flat place under an overhanging rock, but was a bit uncertain about it, and was relieved when a porter told me not to put my bed there because there might be snakes in such a place!

The interesting thing is that this place, although in the Pech-Parun Valley, belongs to the Waigel people from over the hill. In the days of constant warfare between tribe and tribe, it must surely have been fought over. The strong Waigel tribe won and control it now, though it is far across the mountain from their home. At Chitras we saw our porters talking to a man in Nuristani dress who turned out to be a Safi. He took us down by the river, and showed us what he was doing. There, in a little thatched hut, he had rigged up a lathe that worked by waterpower.

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A Passage to Nuristan: Exploring the Mysterious Afghan Hinterland by Nicholas Barrington

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