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By Ana Bernabe

If you happen to LOVE books with cats and canines to color, you are going to love this one.
Really lovely and all have cats and canine in adorable various scenes.

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I long ago learned to stand Papa's blame. I don't know if I could have stood theirs, too. All the towns. My God, all the towns. But it was good that way. Anonymous. Nobody knew that about me. Whatever else they knew they never knew that. All those towns. It was good. Because they were all the same town, really. I was me and Jill and Papa were what they were to each other. And Papa was always the Sheriff no matter what town it was. We were always packing up and catching the next bus out. I never Uved in one town long enough for anybody to ever find out ?

I has something happened? he said. She nodded fast, three times, started to cry again and Cris, made herself stop. The Watchman 38 what is it? he shouted. Cole Biake, she mumbled found him shot to death on the Cris, It's in a dumb Mound two trance. They hours ago. Wide awake and staring indignant at the knifepoint of new moon which blazed in the edge of the windowpane, Dede Moonshine cursed among her quilts and struggled up. Someone was prowling yonder in her yard. Loud as a drum beat had been the stumbling bootfall on the oak planks which covered the cistern beneath Dede's rose of Sharon.

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A World Of Animals Vol. 2 by Ana Bernabe

by Ronald

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