Tuition Assistance Policies and Procedures



Please familiarize yourself with these Tuition Assistance program policies and procedures including the deadlines to avoid being responsible for payment of full amount of tuition and fees

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Tuition Assistance ETAP/PDA Eligibility

For full-time active UAW represented hourly employees who have acquired seniority (3 consecutive months of employment).

Education Tuition Assistance Plan (ETAP)

Provides for prepayment of tuition and approved fees up to $6,000* per calendar year for approved courses leading to a GED, Associate Degree, Bachelor Degree, Master Degree, PhD and approved certificate/diploma programs from regionally accredited educational institutions.  Also included are fees for prior learning assessment, CLEP Testing, and licensing fees.


*Approved tuition assistance over $5,250 per year is subject to applicable State and Federal taxes


Personal Development Assistance (PDA)  

The PDA feature of the Employee Tuition Plan provides for prepayment of tuition and approved fees up to $2,700 (of the $6,000) for classes that improve or enhance a member’s position in the workplace.

Textbook Reimbursement

Up to $400 (of the $6,000) per year may be used for book reimbursement.  E-Books, book rental, and books purchased through on-line retailers and applicable shipping costs are included.

Instructions on submitting a book reimbursement

How to apply for tuition assistance.

Apply online at www.myuawford.com.  Application processing time is 2-3 business days.


Once classes are approved, an Official Tuition Voucher will be issued to the employee.

Important Deadlines

Contact Information

For questions, contact the tuition assistance office by calling (800) 367-3829 or (313) 392-7089. 

Questions can also be sent via e-mail to edtp@uawford.com